The RailNet Programmer

BasicConsistCustom Speed Table - Broadway Limited

The Consist Tab


1 - Consist Address (CV19 Bit 0-6: 1-127)

When setting up a consist, enter the number of the new or existing consist number here.  This is the consist that will be setup on the locomotive you are programming.

2 - Locomotive Direction(CV19 Bit 7)

Use this setting to indicate the orientation of the locomotive to the lead locomotive.  If you are setting up the lead locomotive, it's direction should be forward.

3 - Consist Function Control (CV21&22)

Select those function you wish to respond on the individual locomotive for those instructions sent to the consist.  For instance, I set the horn and bell functions to consist control so that when I hit the horn, all the horns for the locomotives in the consist sound.

4 - Program

Program the decoder with the consist functions selected, this button only programs the CV's on the Consist tab.