“Using Multi-million dollar satellites to find
tupperware containers in the woods.”--nucci6

Our Stories

Last updated 2/12/2009

Although every cache has a story, obviously some stand out much more than others. Here's where we'll share some of our stories on some of the more memorable trips for us. Please be warned, some stories may give away information about caches. I hope you enjoy them.


Our First Find
Our First First to Find
Our Family First First to Find

Other Stories

Allegheny Geo-Trail
Ethan's First Find all by himself
Asher's First Trade

Our First Find

Read about our first find, the event that changed our lives as a family forever.

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Make Your Own Custom Garmin Maps

Find out how easy it is to create your own maps for your Garmin GPSr using freely available data and tools.

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Preparing for a Great Day Caching

Here's how we prepare for a great day of caching using TomTom, GSAK, and some macros.

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