“Using Multi-million dollar satellites to find
tupperware containers in the woods.”--nucci6

Our Family's First First to Find


February 13, 2008

It had been several months since I was able to get the first to find on Very Technical finally filling a gap in our caching career. Although it quenched my thirst, the rest of my family still had a longing to be involved in the signing of a blank log sheet. During the afternoon of February 13, Faith called me to say there was a new cache published near Bald Eagle State Park by our friends Snickerdoodle. She urged me to leave work as early as I could so we could try getting the first to find.

As I checked the Geocaching.com listing I saw that another cache was posted that day on my way home. It was a multi-cache and I was at a quandry as to whether I should try and grab that one as well. My senses however prevailed over my excitement and instead I headed straight home. To my surprise Faith had both kids dressed, coats on, boots on, and ready to go.

We all hopped in The Mothership and started the short drive to make a first to find attempt at Tweethearts. We missed the first road that I had planned to take to get to the cache site, it was a good thing too since it turned out to be a really rough dirt road. Not that the mothership couldn't have made it, but it would have slowed us down quite significantly.

We pulled up to the GZ quickly enough however and saw some vehicle and foot tracks, as we walked the last 200 feet we were hoping they were the tracks of the cache owners and not another team making the first to find. Within the last 30 feet, Faith and I both said simultaneously "Rumplestilskin", our code word to let others know we found the cache yet allowing others to still find it for themselves. After another few minutes, Ethan, our oldest son was able to make the find as well as I held Asher, our youngest son.

Faith worked for a few minutes to try and open the cache, but the new cache container needed to be worked in a little bit and she was afraid of breaking it. I gave her Asher to hold and within seconds we were looking at the cache contents, a blank log book, and our first to find prize of a Sheetz gift card. Asher, just under 1 1/2 years old at the time of the find, saw the contents and he realized the value of trading for swag. Ethan grabbed a zipper pull compass and Asher traded for a race car.

Now that we've had a first to find as a family, I thought the fever might have left. But now, every cache we try to find, Ethan always asks, Are We The First To Find?

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