Welcome to the Nittany Valley Model Railroad Club's page on the web.  The Nittany Valley Model Railroad club is currently looking for a new home to continue our 20+ year participation in the Victorian Bellefonte Christmas.  If you or an organization that you may be part of has space that would be willing to accommodate the NVMRR, please contact Sean Costella at scostella@seancostella.com or (814) 353-1482.

The Nittany Valley Model Railroad Club was conveniently located in downtown Victorian Bellefonte.  There were eight original members which started this club back in 1966, since then, the club has grown with new membership and moved twice to better locations for the club.

Please be sure to check our our Digital Tour of our layout, many people have put in long hard hours to get our layout where it is today.  The caliber of workmanship, ingenuity and design that was put into this layout is very high.  We are blessed to have many different members with many different skills resulting in the level of craftsmanship displayed.

To help you with your own projects, we have also included a Tips and Techniques section to share the knowlege we've gleaned over the past 50 years in model railroad design and implementation.  Some ideas are original designs made by members in the club while others have been refined from other fine model railroad craftsmen.  Be sure to check up on us each month as we post new Tips and Techniques.

Please join us during our many open houses to get a first hand look at the Nittany Valley in action.  Several members will be available during the open houses to talk about the Nittany Valley and how the club as a whole designed and implemented the layout.  If you can't make it to an open house, we've included a members section including each person's role in the club.  Feel free to join us on our weekly club meeting on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM.  If interested, Membership is currently open to the public.